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Take control of diabetes & feel years younger

Learn how you can delay, halt or even reverse type 2 diabetes - and feel years younger in the process - with a powerful set of 'glucose-lowering habits' personalised to you and your life.

In just 3 months, you will feel more energised, see your weight fall - and over time - could even reduce your reliance on medication.


Everyone knows that losing weight and exercise is important to control type 2 diabetes - but the truth is that most people find it difficult to keep these changes going long term.

The Diabetes Edit masterclass is personal 'habit-change' program that teaches you how to make long term changes to control your diabetes, whilst still living a life you love. 


Run by experts, our masterclass shows you why motivation and willpower can never be enough - and that the only way to successfully control diabetes long term is to create a set of  ‘glucose-lowering habits' that you enjoy and become automatic over time.

Change your habits and
control diabetes for life

Meet the coaches

Dr Holly Whelan and Dr Mark Cobain have PhDs in Neuroscience and Psychology and have worked in health and wellbeing for over 20 years. 


They love life and are passionate about helping people improve their health and happiness without huge sacrifice. 

Holly and Mark are fellows of the Royal Society of Public Health and founded Younger Lives, their own specialist health & wellness behaviour change company, in 2014. 

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We've worked with:

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I am an enthusiastic supporter of the work of Dr Holly Whelan and Dr Mark Cobain. They demonstrate a unique ability to convert best evidence guidelines in health promotion into programs that connect with our everyday habits, and that are easy to use in weekly routines.

They and their company, Younger Lives, have been exemplary in health promotion by creating evidence-based assessments such as Heart Age, which is widely used in international programs that promote public health. In short, Younger Lives is remarkable for their scientifically grounded leadership in health promotion.


Clinical Psychologist and Senior Scientist. Toronto, CANADA

How the Masterclass works 

Our Masterclass provides you with expert support and personal coaching over 3 months. It has 3 core modules: 

Module 1


Who are you and what do you really want?


In this module we help you really understand yourself in all your glory (good and bad) and review both the life you have now and the life you want going forward.


You will see how it's possible to delay, halt or even reverse type 2 diabetes and what you need to do to achieve this - and how creating personalised 'glucose-lowering habits' tailored to your lifestyle is the only way to deliver long term results.


Includes a FREE 'Diabetes Age' guided session (worth £150):  In this free 45 minute session you will find out how much your diabetes is currently ageing your body and explore the different ways you can get your glucose under control and reverse the 'ageing effect' of diabetes on your body.

Module 2


Build your personal habit set

In this second module, we help you build your own set of 'glucose-lowering' habits in line with what you want to achieve. You will design, test and build daily habits that suit you using our signature 'Habit Edit Method' and learn the power of starting small and building on your success.

After just a few weeks you will feel more energised, see your weight start to fall and over time feel more confident in your ability to take control of your life and your diabetes. 

Module 3


Learn the secrets to sustained success

In this final module you will be given practical techniques to embed new habits into your life forever - and learn how it's possible to 'self manage' your habits over time.


During this final module, you can expect your energy and confidence to increase and your weight loss to continue - and over time, could even start to reduce your reliance on medication.

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Graduate and celebrate your success 


At 3 months you will successfully complete the Masterclass. It's time to CELEBRATE and recognise all the things you've learnt and the amazing progress you've made.


It's also time to commit to continuing this approach to manage your diabetes long term - and enjoy the new confidence you have, knowing you have all the tools, competencies and skills you need to have the healthy, happy and fulfilled life you deserve.

The Diabetes Edit® Masterclass Program runs for 3 months and includes weekly expert coaching sessions and chat access with your coach. For more info see our Services.

How it works
Working at Home

Schedule a FREE no-obligation chat today

If you have any questions about the Masterclass, please schedule a free 15 min chat with one of our expert coaches. 

Get your FREE report

We know many people living with type 2 diabetes find it difficult to make lifestyle changes.


We recently conducted research in the UK and Canada to understand the most common challenges that people living with type 2 diabetes face.


If you would like to know the top 3 challenges that were uncovered and get some free resources to help, please submit your name and email and we will send you a free report as soon as we have completed the analysis. 

Thanks for submitting! We will send the report as soon as it is ready

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